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Principle: PRUSUN is the fist product created by the R&D department of Prutex Nylon, the super heat storage factor of volcanic rock trace elements is evenly embedded in the nylon, which converts the absorbed solar energy and far-infrared ray energy released by human body into heat energy, so as to effectively achieve the efficacy of heat storage and warmth.

PRUSUN has passed the GTT TM 044-2014 textile light-absorbing heat performance test, effectively absorbing light heat.

Function: Thermal storage and warming, Promotion of blood circulation, Multiple health functions

Applications: thermal underwear, down jackets, pants, outdoor rashers

Heating properties:

Tested, within 20 minutes, PRUSUN heating nylon has an average heating value of 8.22°C.

Compared with conventional nylon, PRUSUN heating nylon can raise the temperature 3~7℃ higher in the same time.