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Enterprise Core ValuesAdhere to integrity, care for employees, initiative innovation, pursue quality, teamwork, focus on performance and undertake responsibility.

Prutex Nylon Spirit

Since its development in 2001, Prutex Nylon has grown from small to large and weak to strong. Taiwanese people have used the hard work of sweat to pour out the spirit of "activeness, responsibility, discipline, and unity." In 2014, in order to adapt to the company's new development requirements, Taiwanese people proposed a new corporate spirit of “due diligence, efficiency, hard work, harmony” and incorporated into the company's management. The system and related normative documents.

1、Due diligence: loyalty, dedication, professionalism, courage, responsibility, and implementation, to create a team with strong sense of responsibility and initiative;

2、Efficient: speedy, proactive, resolute execution, pragmatic innovation, striving for efficiency, and creating a management team with strict discipline and high execution;

3、Hard work: brave, strive to fight for the first, self-improvement, perseverance, continuous transcendence, and then move forward to work in the post;

4、Harmony: Harmony, mutual help, honesty and friendship, good cooperation, common development, and create a good atmosphere by empathy, tolerance and open-mindedness.